Southern IL Ag Solutions - Maximizing Potential
Southern Illinois Ag Solutions will be keeping the public up to date on the latest information going on in the agriculture world. Please check this page periodically for updates.
Primary Nutrients
·         Nitrogen
·         Phosphorus
·         Potassium
Secondary Nutrients
·         Calcium
·         Magnesium
·         Sulfur
Micro nutrients
·         Boron                   
·         Chloride
·         Copper
·         Iron                       
·         Manganese
·         Molybdenum
·         Nickel
·         Zinc
Nitrogen Application on wheat having been going strong. With the wet cool soils the micro organisms in the soil can not break down the OM to release Sulfur for the plant up-taking. Looking at AMS mixed in with dry Urea can add great value to your wheat crop.
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